About Us


TRIPLE-SCROLL INTERNATIONAL MEDIA LIMITED, the publisher of SCROLL INTERNATIONAL, is an online and print magazine headquartered in Abuja. It is the brainchild of some young, erudite professionals with a mandate to connect the world, even the remotest parts, through unadulterated, in-depth journalism and by using the powerful tools of public relations for the development of nations and the promotion of excellent governance, leading to good leadership and best practices worldwide.

Scroll International aims to reach out to all people (including the less privileged) in the world by promoting their rights and ensuring socio-economic development through the power of the media, using Africa as the centrepiece for agenda-setting on all human issues with a workable solution.

We are determined to promote a positive and acceptable image for individuals, nations, and organisations through a systemic framework.

Our Vision

To reach the ends of the earth by connecting the diversity of nations through compelling content and in-depth journalism/information reportage, reaching the remotest parts of the world for development, nation-building and promoting accountability and excellence in leadership for the advancement of the world.